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Q: Why choose us?

A: At Dawei an uncompromising commitment to quality inspires unparalleled service. With an experienced team of professionals and industry-leading capabilities, you can reply on us for exceptional support on all of your projects and promotions.

Q: What Makes Us The Best?
A: We love what we do. We employ marketing experts who are well versed in promoting other companies and not only can we recommend the perfect promotional item. We can recommend the best uses and campaign ideas to work in conjunction with that item.
Q: How To Supply Artwork In Print & Press Ready Format?
A: Our in-house design team provide free virtual artworks prior to ordering products so you can be sure you are receiving the perfect products.
Q: Can I Get The Free Samples?
A: Yes. We understand that the bottom line matters, That's why we offer valueable extras such as free design and free existing samples to meet your needs.
Q: What's The Order Process? --Keep Order Safe?

A: 1) Pre-sample Picture

    2) Artwork Comparing1

    3) PP sample Picture

    4) Artwork Comparing2

    5) AQL-2.5 Inspection

    6) Package

    7) Shipping

    8) Feedback




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