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Four Global Trends to Inform Your Promotional Product Marketing Campaigns in 2019

Smart Wearable Technology
Fitness trackers and smart watches are the number one fitness trend for 2019, according to the worldwide survey conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Today, over 14 billion products are “connected” with smart technology that, for example, enables your fridge to add milk to your Amazon shopping list or enables your phone to turn your living room light on whilst you are away on holiday.

Health & Wellbeing
People are taking their personal health more seriously, conducting their own research and taking more control over what they eat, how they live and their mental and emotional wellbeing. Products, services and content which supports or empowers this way of thinking could set you ahead in 2019.

Appealing to Millennials
Millennials are the largest generation since the Baby Boomers! Born between the early 80s and the 90s, almost 50% of buyers conducting initial research in 2014 were millennials (Google). Whether you’re in a B2B environment or not, Millennials need consideration. To quote the IBM report, To buy or not to buy? How Millennials are reshaping B2B marketing, this generation is “…the most educated, most tech-savvy, most connected, thrifty, and socially and environmentally conscious.”

So there you have it, a select glimpse from hundreds of trends set to change the global landscape in 2019.





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