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Four Global Trends to Inform Your Promotional Product Marketing Campaigns in 2019

As we settle in to 2019, make sure you’re in the know with some of the most talked about global trends for 2019.

Single-Use Plastics
Throwaway plastic is still a hot topic in 2019 with the world’s largest producer of bottled drinks manufacturing 128 billion bottles a year (National Geographic). Many corporations are now taking action but Marine Conservation Charity “Surfers Against Sewage” state that we still have approximately 5,000 items of plastic pollution per mile of beach in the UK. Consumers are changing their own behaviour to reduce plastic waste, leaving packaging behind at supermarket tills and swapping less-informed purchases for environmentally friendly choices.

Bioplastics & Alternatives to Single-Use Plastic

Providing alternatives to single-use plastics such as bioplastics, recycled paper and recycled reusable travel mugs (instead of coffee cups) should be high on your radar in 2019. Eloquently stated by Mintel, 2018, bio-based packaging materials are “set to be a key component to the next generation of responsible packaging”. Bioplastics look just like single-use plastics but can decompose in food waste within 12 weeks. Other alternatives include recyclable plastics produced with 100% green energy, products made from sustainable plants such as sugar cane and products such as umbrellas made from recycled PET bottles.

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